Monday, September 6, 2010

An Artificial World

i have never been a fan of artificial worlds - never quite saw the appeal of the Disneylands. suffice to say, i wasn't quite entertained by our little red dot's newest tourist attraction, Universal Studios.

a picture taken from the window of one of the many shops within.


TJ said...

Hmm but sometimes don't you wish you lived in somewhere more magical than the culturally-bland (imo) landscape that is Singapore?

Those imaginary worlds give us a chance to do that, imaginary as they may be. I was fascinated by the New York section when I visited; one of the reasons NY was showcased was prolly cos of the culture there, and being in that section in Universal, I felt immersed and enlightened at the same time.

But maybe it's different for us- me, a 16 year old teen still looking for what semblence of meaning in his life, and you,who has travelled the world and perhaps seen such glories in their physical form.

Tianjie, from hc 4B1

theviewoutsideyourwindow said...
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theviewoutsideyourwindow said...

Hi Tianjie,

I'm not looking for somewhere magical - artificially created worlds are too perfect, aren't they?

I am too intrigued with NYC...have you read this article?

It's definitely worth a read.

And i like listening to the comments you guys make, and reading all your journals. They keep me young...not that i'm that old to begin with. =)

Nathan said...

Hi Miss Yeo, but it seems that Universal Studios is not much of an exciting tourist attraction - topped with the long, snake-like queues outside every single booth. Instead, it seems like there are more shops as compared to movie-making-related booths. So shouldn't it be called like Offshore Shoppers' Paradise or something like that? =)

theviewoutsideyourwindow said...

Hi Nathan, well, that's the way consumerism works, isn't it? Any parallels with Disneyland? What do you think? =)